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Whenever you are in the beautiful town of Lambeth and are in need of transport services, we at Minibus Hire Lambeth have the more to offer than you could ever need. Our transport services are undoubtedly ranked the epitome of the town's minibus and coach hire service. Comfort without compromising on affordability is what we offer. We ensure that all of your needs are met where applicable and do this at cheap affordable prices.

The company has a variety of vehicles suited for various functions. We are flexible and are able to tend to various requests and different uses of our vehicles to your convenience. Our vehicles of high quality brands are in tip - top shape since they are frequently serviced by their manufacturers. You are therefore guaranteed no breakdown or malfunctioning of our vans, buses and coaches. They are all up to standard of the required law; this ensures your safety on the roads.

The members of staff at Minibus Hire Lambeth are professionally trained. They all highly qualified and possess the required documents for their respective duties. This creates a feeling of reassurance from you, our clients, since you are in the hand of professionals. The company's noble policy ensures that our drivers observe tight time-frames are punctual. You therefore have no doubt that you will arrive early if not on time when u hire our minibuses.

Our fleets of vehicles vary according to your requirements. We have the minibuses which are most suitable for small groups of people to a medium number of people. This ranges from 6 seater minibuses that are ideal and comfortable for small groups of people like family to the 16 seater minibuses that accommodate a medium number of people. These minibuses may be used for touring the town, going for company based meetings, and other social gatherings within the town. The vehicles are all fitted with safety belts ensuring your security while travelling. They also have been fitted with reclining seats that are generally spaced allowing ample feet space for your comfort. Air conditioners have also been installed in the minibuses making sure that the trip is luxurious. Some trips maybe long and boring but we here at Minibus Hire Lambeth have your interest at hand; our buses have installed state of the art music systems with DVD and CD players. You are guaranteed to be entertained during your trip. The vehicles also have ample luggage space where you do not have to worry about carrying your luggage.

We also have coaches that can be used for large numbers of 20 or more people. You may hire these coaches when travelling for weddings, football games or any other large congregation event. The buses have ample luggage space enough for each passenger's bulk luggage. The buses are designed stylishly in a manner to offer maximum comfort. They also have reclining seats, air conditioning, entertainment systems and vending machines. This combination of services ensures a luxurious and safe trip.

Minibus Hire Lambeth offers airport services with a driver. Here we hire out our minibuses with the driver on request whereby we offer transport to and fro the airport. Be sure that we will always be there on time whether it is being transported to the airport or whether you need to be transported out of the airport. Our drivers will heed to your every destination requests.

For those of you who would prefer privacy in their travel, Minibus Hire Lambeth has a special package for you. The company gives you the option and privilege of the self-drive minibus hire services. Here we hire out the vehicles without the driver giving you the freedom of travelling without a stranger. The vehicles are fitted with the latest version of GPS satellite maps that aid the driver who might not be well conversant with the town.

The town of Lambeth has a number of places that are of interest. For instance, the famous Lambeth palace which has been the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury for centuries is one of the popular and interesting areas to visit when you visit Lambeth town. The imperial war museum is also another spectacular site where you get to know of various events that took place in the war. Lambeth minibus is there to offer comfortable yet cheap minibus hire services with or without a driver for your convenient travel.

Your value for money will not come short of the executive services you shall receive when you choose Minibus Hire Lambeth , the best Lambeth minibus services in town.

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