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London to Manchester Minibus

London to Manchester Minibus

Sometimes those special events require larger vehicles so that everyone can travel together and arrive on time. Therefore, our team at National Hire Minibus have a variety of transportation options, from small 10 seaters to huge 18 seaters. Your chess team, family, senior citizen group, bowling team, or crew can be accommodated with the best transportation option in the UK.

Travel from London to Manchester

Take the scenic route from London to Manchester in a Minibus. Whether you are visiting friends or in the area for an extended vacation, there are many different ways you can travel. Heading through Peak District is a wonderful way to go, and is a very scenic route. With many places that are along the way, from Stowe Gardens to Woburn Abbey, to Chatsworth before arriving in Manchester.

Start your journey from London to Manchester, in a minibus with your group. From London straight to Stowe Gardens, which opens late morning and a leisurely walk around the place can take at least a couple of hours. However, it is closed on both Monday and Tuesday, and if the weather is bad you can forget it altogether. End up at Chatsworth and visit the historic house and gardens. Afterwards, stop at the cafe and restaurant for a delicious meal with your clan. Manchester is just a couple hour drive away from here in a Minibus.

However, it will be a long drive and you may want to stop at a hotel or bed and breakfast along the way. In order to take your time and see all the amazing sights along the way. Check out the Shakespeare stuff on the route, from his birthplace to Anne Hathaway's house. Alternatively, you could go to Birmingham and see the Packwood House in the south-end with has a garden that represents "The Sermon on the Mount!"

National Minibus Hire Services

If you are considering a Minibus for hire, you will be happy with the service and selection at National Minibus Hire. The company is rated number one in customer service throughout the UK. There are many reasons to use a Minibus for travel, from the affordable rate to the quality service. Reasons to choose a Minibus

- Fast and efficient reservation process
- 24 hours a day and 365 days a year booking available
- trained and certified drivers
- Knowledgeable customer service team
- Extra amenities, like navigation system, multimedia, storage options
- services for those with mobility issues

Make a Reservation Now

with many booking options available, from working with a customer service agent to phone booking, you can use whatever makes you comfortable. Pre-book with an online booking form or use the telephone to talking with an agent to book a vehicle. The process is easy, and we accept all major credit cards to make it more convenient. Find an affordable rate and the ideal transportation option for your trip from London to Manchester.

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